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Such a complex operation packed into 2 letters for the title. Your DJ or KJ (Karaoke) puts in time to mix, understand sound, technology, customer needs, and a lot more. Please talk to a series of DJ's before committing. The lingo is basically the same.  In our experience, people call just wanting music because they look to put their funds into everything else except the DJ. The DJ literally makes or breaks the venue, and if you simply say music, well, that's speakers, a mixer, amps, and the DJ. You're essentially renting audio equipment so saying, "I just want music" is a bit far away from the finish line in the race for the perfect experience for you and your guests. The top tier companies carry insurance, high end equipment, lighting, years of emcee experience, and have a passion for giving you the time you need and deserve and should be part of your planning.  We thrive on every event and treat it like a challenge we must conquer. Let us help you crush your event because you only get one chance at it. If price is your only planning factor, we may not be right for you. We shop you  just as much as you shop us and that is because we want to crush it every time. We will be honest and let you know if we can't fulfill your needs and refer you to someone who can. That's a promise because we know our limits, and we value your interest and will work to help you regardless of whether you select us.

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